Kilode Ti O Ma Nfo Owo Re?

Why Do You Wash Your Hands? in Yoruba and English.

Ójẹ ọ̀nà tí kó ná ní lówó tí ó sí wú ló púpọ̀ lati sé itọjú ara dádá.
KÍLÓDÉ TI Ó MÁ NFỌ ỌWỌ RẸ? Jé ọ̀ná ídárá yá láti kọ́ ọmọdé ní pàtàkí ọwọ́ f́ifọ́. Pẹlu àwòrán tí ó jọjú atí èdè tí kó lé, ọmọdé ma fẹ́ látí ka iwé yì atí látí kó awón àwòrán tí ofá ní mó ra lẹyín itán náà jọ.


* Available in ebook and print only


Book Reviews

This book is really good. I rate it 5 stars. I liked the fact that the texts are bold. It enabled me to understand the Yoruba spellings with their alphabets. The illustrations were top notch. They kept me engaged till the end. I also liked the fact that it came along with an English version and there was a preview of other books in case I wanted to purchase more. In general, it’s a really good and educative book especially for the younger generation who aren’t extensively taught their mother’s tongue in school.

Ayomide Falade
May 6, 2023

"Kilode Ti O Ma Nfo Owo Re? is very inspiring. It is a good way for children from yoruba speaking states to learn their language. It also educates children on why and when they should wash their hands as well as its importance.

Iseoluwa Elugbaju
Apr 5, 2023

It was an interesting read and the graphical illustration was captivating and enough to give the lessons. The message was clear from the beginning and how it can be done.

Olushola Oyewande Tinuoye
Mar 30, 2023

This book is very educative. It helps kids learn Yoruba and also educates them on how to wash their hands. The illustrations are wonderful because they show children how to properly wash their hands and when to wash them.

Ruth Babayi
Mar 18, 2023

This book is basically on hygiene. It teaches how we can keep our hands clean at every point in time to prevent germs. I also like the fact that I got to learn yoruba language.

Sarah Iyanna
Mar 6, 2023

This book is a very interesting book that has cool pictures that help you imagine as you read. It also helped me learn Yoruba. It was so much fun!

Glight Ofunne
Feb 23, 2023
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