Tobi Learns To Swim

Tobi gets a swimming costume for her 3rd birthday present. Mum and Dad take her to the swimming pool where she learns to swim.
Will she figure out how to float? Can she conquer the freestyle? Find out in Tobi Learns To Swim.


* Available in ebook and print only


Watch the Duchess of York read Tobi Learns To Swim

Book Reviews

This book is a fun and very adventurous one, suitable for anyone to read. This is a book I wish i had when I was younger, very educational and fun, I would recommend this book to all schools to help develop their pupils.

Zion Kefas
Mar 17, 2023

This book is very nice. It was Tobi's birthday and she was ready to learn how to swim. It made me eager to learn something new.

Prosper Odii
Feb 28, 2023
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