Kob The Antelope

This is a heartwarming illustrated children's story of a young foal who wanders away from his herd and gets tricked by a cunning hyena. Kob thinks hard, breaks free from the lair of his captor and reunites with his long lost family.


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Book Reviews

The artwork in this book is beautiful. The romanticization of African nature is amazing, allowing kids to get an appreciation of African nature.  The addition of the map will help kids expand their knowledge of Africa. I feel the way the antelope calls his mother does not represent African parental names such as "mummy" "mama" if possible, this should be added. The use of the hyena to illustrate the fact that not all smiling faces are genuine but may have evil intent behind them is  applaudable.

Jeremy Ohiomokhare
Mar 10, 2023

"Kob the Antelope" teaches a very important lesson to children who read it. The book shows a sense of motherly love and care as even though Kob left home, when he came back his mother received him with open arms. It teaches children that they can always go back to their parents no matter what and also shows them that even in dangerous situations, there is always a way out.

Iseoluwa Ruby Elugbaju
Mar 7, 2023

Kob the Antelope is a short story about a curious little Antelope named Kob who escaped the clutches of a very hungry Hyena. This book can be used to teach children about the dangers of wandering without a guardian, and associating with strangers.

Toluwani Bambe
Feb 18, 2023
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