Mummy, Can I...?

It's a children's picture book about the loving yet often tasking demands children make of their mothers. This book is a tribute to all mothers and the story is told through the eyes of a mother of three children under the age of 9.


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Book Reviews

It's a really interesting book. It gave me graphic images of what I did and still do as a child.

Oloruntobiloba Olubiyi
Aug 12, 2023

I really like the illustrations in Mummy can I...?. I love how it shows the joys of motherhood and the way children run to their mothers with their needs, wants and questions. The pictures make the book more interesting and relatable.

Emmanuella Ogbonna
Jul 25, 2023

"Mummy, can I?" depicts, in the sweetest and most genuine way, what most mothers go through on a daily, juggling business, free time, chores and of course, children. It depicts very  clearly how hard mothers are working, it shows appreciation of that hard work, and that will certainly make an impact on the readers of this amazing book.

Jemima Joffa
Jul 10, 2023

"Mummy, Can I...?" is a beautifully engaging book that leaves you wondering what next absurd or adorable request the kids will have to ask their mum. It depicts the challenges of being a mom whilst adding the loving atmosphere every home should have. It is wonderfully written!

Divere Eguriase
Jun 10, 2023

Great book

May 22, 2023

This book illustrates the loving and tasking demands that children often ask their mothers and according to the book it is a tribute to all mothers in the World. It taught me to appreciate the stress that mothers go through having to answer questions and cater for the needs of their children

Ayoola Treasure
May 6, 2023

This book is very good for children. It teaches on how to be polite and ask questions. It also shows the stress a mother goes through dealing with young children and how fun it can be. It is a good tool that can be used to teach kids the importance of asking questions.

May 2, 2023

This book talks about the relationship between mothers and their children. Children tend to think they can do everything, and want to help their mothers with chores around the house, they want to go everywhere with them. It truly depicts the fun way children relate with their mothers. I really enjoyed reading this book.

May 1, 2023

"Mummy, Can I...? " is a really engaging story about a mother and her three kids. The children want to do almost everything for and with mummy, no matter how absurd it may be. I can't help but smile when reading this book, due to how accurately it depicts the relationship between mothers and children.

Uforo Ema
Apr 24, 2023

Mummy, can I...? Is a book written to appreciate all mother's despite being occupied with responsibilities are still Loving. This book is really amazing.

Douglas Miracle
Apr 20, 2023

This is an amazing story. 'Mummy, Can I...?' is a heartfelt book written as a tribute to all the extraordinary mothers who gracefully juggle their busy lives while wholeheartedly tending to the needs of their children.

Agada Treasure
Apr 18, 2023

This story is great. It shows the bond between mothers and their children. Mothers are role models, and children always want to be like them.

Ahonye Salome
Mar 24, 2023

I have 3 lovely kids, so I can tell you I totally relate with this story. I urge you all out there to get a copy for your children and also don't forget to gift a mother.

Betty Nefe kigho
Mar 13, 2023

'Mummy can I' shows the hard work of a mom who is employed and how she copes during the day with her children. It also shows the love she has for her children, and how she allows them to explore and experience new things as they ask her many questions. It gives awareness of the dedication of a mother and why we should appreciate them.

Iseoluwa Ruby Elugbaju
Mar 7, 2023

I enjoyed reading this book by Mrs. Talabi, she highlights the curiosity and high-spiritedness of children while emphasising their adorable tendency to cause trouble.

Elinam Joffa
Mar 6, 2023

I like the fact that this book is a sweet depiction of how children would always ask questions here and there. I think it will resonate so much with parents, especially mothers.

Victor Ibrahim
Mar 6, 2023

This book is very interesting. I enjoyed the way the writer used illustrations to show us how children tend to ask lots of questions. I give the book a rating of 5 stars.

Mar 1, 2023

For me, I think it’s okay for the ages 0-4 because it contains a lot of pictures and vibrant colors. It also shows all the work mothers do in the house and it will help the kids appreciate their mom. The colour me part of the book is very nice, since children love to color.

Ruth Babayi
Feb 7, 2023
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