By the United Nations SGD Bookclub:
"Honorary pick of a book in an indigenous language for exploring SDG6" 2022

Gini Mere I Ji Akwo Aka Gi?

Why Do You Wash Your Hands? in Igbo and English.

Ịsa aka nke ọma nwere ike igbochi mgbasasi ọrịa. Ọ bụ ụzọ dị ire, dịrịkwa ọnụ ala ịkwado omume ịdị ocha.
Gini Mere I Ji Asa Aka Gi? bụ ụzọ di ụtọ ikuziri ụmụaka na ịsa aka di mkpa. N’ihi na akwụkwọ a nwere ihe osise mara mma, tinyere asụsụ dị mfe e jiri dee ya, ọ ga-amasi ụmụaka ịgụ ya ma nakọta ihe mmado so ya na ngwụcha akụkọ.


* Available in ebook and print only


Book Reviews

I enjoyed reading this children's book on why it is important to wash our hands and the right times to wash our hands. It is highly engaging and has lots of beautiful illustrations.

Aug 25, 2023

This is an excellent educational tool that effectively teaches children about the importance of handwashing to prevent germs and diseases. The illustrations are captivating and visually appealing.

Odii Prosper
Jul 15, 2023

This delightful bilingual book, written in both English and Igbo, offers an engaging reading experience for young readers. The captivating illustrations are incredibly beautiful, making it difficult for me to put the book down until I reached the end.

Shalom David chibuzondu
Jul 7, 2023

This book masterfully combines the languages of Igbo and English. Through its engaging content, I was able to learn the right way to wash my hands, and valuable Igbo words such as 'kedu,' 'bianu,' and 'Nne.'

Jun 16, 2023

This wonderful book serves as a valuable resource for both English and Igbo native speakers, enlightening them about the significance of hand washing in preventing illnesses. It effectively illustrates various scenarios to demonstrate the appropriate times when hand washing is necessary.

Kesiena Kigho
Jun 15, 2023

Teaching the younger ones how to wash their hands, is very important and using the mother language makes it more essential and helps the learners build confidence in the use of the mother language. It will be a great achievement if it is duplicated in more language's within Nigeria.

Ufuoma Courage Ifoghere
May 27, 2023

I appreciate the bilingual nature of this book, offering both Igbo and English languages. It's worth noting that there are also versions available in Yoruba and Hausa, which is beneficial for children's language acquisition and cognitive development.

Menyene Silas
May 17, 2023

This book teaches children the importance of washing their hands. Handwashing is a simple yet powerful practice that significantly contributes to maintaining good health and preventing the spread of illness in children. I liked the fact that it is written in two languages - Igbo and English.

May 15, 2023

The book is an educational and informative material for children. It teaches personal hygiene on washing hands. It states when and how to wash our hands and why it is necessary to wash our hands. Plus, it's a wonderful initiative to have it read in our major local dialects, I'd say it was fun learning a few Igbo words as I read, especially "M na-akwo aka m" (I wash my hands).

Mar 13, 2023

I like the illustrations in this book. I also loved that the book was in English and Igbo. I liked the way the words were easy, enabling young readers to understand.

Emmanuella Ogbonna
Mar 6, 2023

I like the book because it makes use of simple English, illustrations, and traditional language which makes it easier for children to learn the importance of maintaining good hygiene, and also learn Igbo language which is one of the three major languages in Nigeria.

Miracle Douglas
Feb 5, 2023
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