Why Do You Wash Your Hands?

Did you know that every year more than 60,000 children under the age of 5 die of diarrhoea? (WaterAid 2018). Did you also know that many of these deaths are preventable with proper hand washing practices? This book deploys a fun and pictorial style to help children and their parents understand the importance of regular hand washing whilst learning the different occasions before or after which they should wash their hands.
Why Do You Wash Your Hands? is Nigeria's first children’s books to be published simultaneously in 4 different indigenous languages – English, Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa.


* Available in ebook and print only


Book Reviews

This delightful children's book creatively imparts handwashing lessons in an enjoyable manner, featuring educational content and charming illustrations. I rate this book ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Aug 21, 2023

This book is both delightful and highly educational. The illustrations are outstanding, vividly conveying the important message of handwashing to children.

Jul 17, 2023

This book effectively facilitated the communication of the crucial message about handwashing and its significance to my students in class. A heartfelt commendation goes to the author for her exceptional work.

Jul 11, 2023

This is an incredibly valuable book that effectively educates children about the importance of hand hygiene and proper handwashing practices. By instilling these habits, it equips them with the knowledge to stay healthy and avoid falling ill.

Ahonye Salome
Jul 7, 2023

This book is a really great book. It uses illustrations to teach young ones about why they should wash their hands, which helps to keep them from falling sick.

Jun 16, 2023

This book is simply a MUST read for all children. It is a very interesting book, encouraging good hygiene and also making it look fun is just incredible. I am certain this is going to encourage more children to be cleaner.

Apr 16, 2023

This book is very educative and teaches children on personal hygiene. The illustration shows cleaning materials needed to maintain a nice hygiene such as; soap and water it's really a great book because once they have gotten this hygiene patterns it will keep them from getting sick

Odii Prosper
Apr 10, 2023

This book is educational in the aspects of when and where a person should wash their hands. it’s really interesting and has a catch to it and can even be made into a small song to remind kids when to wash their hands. it’s very clear and passes on the message properly. Also, the illustrations in the book are very good and they are different from all the other books. It carefully draws out the steps and is presented well.

Tioluwani O.
Apr 4, 2023

This is a very lovely children’s book. I really i like the fact that it has a lot of pictures describing what you’re reading, i think that’s very important. I also like the fact that the sentences aren’t long, a lot of children have very short attention spans so I think it’s very important that they don’t lose focus, cause the information in the book is something that’s really important to pass on, understanding why you should always keep your hands clean is a very good foundation of personal hygiene. All in all, I think it’s a very good and fun book to read!

Mar 13, 2023

This book teaches children about when to wash their hands and why it is important to do so. It's a fun way for kids to learn the basics of good hygiene - washing their hands.

Uforo Idiongo Ema
Mar 12, 2023

A beautiful book that teaches children on hygiene.

Kesiena Kigho
Mar 3, 2023

I found this picture book to be well thought out, insightful and well written. It conveyed the intentions of captivating the mind of the young reader and sending a very crucial message on the need and importance of frequent hand washing. It sets out to present thirteen specific, realistic, colorful everyday scenarios that vividly depict when hand washing is necessary. I like the fact that it also pauses to show the actual steps for hand washing twice.
The clear illustration, simple language and limited texts keep it captivating and appealing. They help drive the message home and keep a lasting visual picture in the minds of the young readers. The setting within NIGERIA resonates! It promotes the enriched culture, depicts a recognition of the familiar and makes it realistic to connect with. It further awakens the curiosity of the international readers about the Nigerian environment, whilst they absorb the main theme.
I find the theme which teaches on hygiene, to be significant, ageless and applicable to the young and old. This would keep the book globally relevant for all seasons and generations to come. I recommend this book to everyone who cares about children, about family and about hygiene. This would include parents, teachers, doctors and educational institutions.

Bolanle Adewole
Executive Director — The Learning Place and TLPCentre, Lekki, Lagos

Thank you to @bunmiaboderintalabi for the amazing book #whydoyouwashyourhands. Great illustration, easy to read and super educative. It teaches children why, when and how to wash their hands in a fun way that they won't forget. My nieces now shade everyone when they do not wash their hands.
The fact that it comes in local languages means that I get to also teach my daughter some Yoruba while at it 😊.
Super well done!

Molade Adeniyi
CEO — West Africa Vocational Education

Bunmi's book on hand washing should be on every school bookshelf and possibly in every child's book collection. It's very relevant at this time.

Sylvia Nwakwue
Divisional Head, Transaction Services — GTBank

I like the fact that it is a fantastic print and I particularly like the topic. It addresses one of the basic issues of healthy living - washing of hands especially in the face of the rampaging COVID-19.

Ademola Osinubi
Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief — Punch Nigeria Limited

Relevant instruction presented in a simple, relatable, easy-to-understand yet attractive way for children of all ages. "Why Do You Wash Your Hands?" by Olubumni Aboderin-Talabi is a classic that will remain a valuable part of any child's library through the ages.
I love how such relevant instruction is presented in a simple, relatable, easy to understand yet attractive way for children of all ages. The children at Kids' Court School thoroughly enjoyed listening, reading along and responding to the cues in the story. "Why do you wash your hands?" by Olubumni Aboderin-Talabi is a classic that will remain a valuable part of any child's library through the ages.

Dr. Abimbola Ogundere
Director — The Kids' Court School
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