Tobi Visits The Conservatory

Tobi, along with her best friend Olly, have a fun day out with Mum and Dad. Join them as they discover an urban wildlife sanctuary in the city of Lagos.


* Available in ebook and print only


Book Reviews

This captivating children's book takes readers on a thrilling journey with its engaging narrative and powerful message about preserving the environment. Tobi and Olly's visit to a conservatory reveals an urban wildlife sanctuary, introducing young readers to the wonders of nature. This book seamlessly combines adventure, discovery, and conservation, with vibrant illustrations that bring the story to life.

Prosper Odii
May 31, 2023

In this thrilling adventure-filled book, Tobi, accompanied by her parents and her friend Olly, embarks on a captivating journey to a conservatory. The sheer beauty of this place is truly mesmerizing. Through vivid illustrations, the book wonderfully captures the essence of nature, portraying the delightful animals, majestic trees, and enchanting birds that inhabit the conservatory. It's an ideal destination for a fun-filled family outing, where you can create lasting memories and enjoy quality time together.

May 23, 2023

This book describes Tobi's visit to the conservatory with her parents and best friend Olly. She gets to see and learn about different animals along the way. It's a fun story for kids to read.

Uforo Ema
Apr 13, 2023

"Tobi Visits THE CONSERVATORY" This is an amazing storyline with great adventure. Tobi, her family and her friend embark on a saturday retreat to experience earth's wildlife. This book come' s with amazing imaginations and very good for young children.

Agada Treasure
Mar 25, 2023

Tobi Visits the Conservatory is a very simple, but interesting story. It tells us about what a conservatory is and what animals are expected to be there. It shows us this from the perspective of young children, just like us. This makes the experience unique and fun to read. It is a very good read for younger children.

Rainum Magaji
Mar 13, 2023

This book talks about the excitement children have when going out to places and how they count down days till that day. It also shows your children how to get ready in the morning. The use of English is very subtle and can be easily read and understood by children. It also has the right amount of entertainment to keep them interested.

Hillary Olumodeji
Mar 6, 2023
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